I’m a Canadian freelance journalist, copywriter, ghostwriter and travel writer. I’ve eaten charred scorpion in Beijing, chased a bus from Laos to Vietnam, hiked a frozen mountain in rural Iceland, camped without a tent in the Jordanian desert, performed stand-up at Yuk Yuk’s, trekked through Borneo and slept in more airports than I’d care to recall.

My work has appeared on the front pages of the National Post and Halifax’s Coast, as well as in The Globe and Mail and on CBC Radio One. I’ve blogged for the Financial Post Tech Desk and co-founded an independent documentary film company, Fee Fi Fo Films. Most recently I was the associate editor of Busan Haps, South Korea’s leading English-language magazine.

These days I’m a Toronto-based corporate copywriter, ghostwriter and proofreader, copy editing for Torontoist and Metro News Canada, with travel bylines popping up now and again in webzines like Vagabundo, GoMad Nomad and BootsnAll. 

I’m also working on a book of stories collected from my four-month trip around the world, chronicled at A Long Way Back.

Contact: mikefraiman@gmail.com@MFraiman / leave a comment below.

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