FOR THOSE FAMILIAR with MTV’s hit reality TV show, Jersey Shore, you’re certainly also familiar with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. The Sitch happened to be in Halifax last night, and I had the pleasure of briefly meeting both the man and his abs.

Here’s a radio piece I did today for CBC Radio-1’s Nova Scotia-wide program, Mainstreet. I write traffic reports for them most days, but today I did something different. Hopefully this will lead to more in the future.

(It’s a YouTube link because there’s no way I’m shelling out twenty bucks to pay for five more gigs of WordPress storage. Sorry, WP.)

Here’s some verbatim quotes from the night, to give you a taste of what it was like:

“They’re just a bunch of regular dudes. That’ll be me up on the screen next week.”

– Security guard to the VIP room


“Mike is just one guy. The Situation is great and all, but the real Situation is everybody here.” He points at a girl: “That’s the Situation.” And another: “That’s the Situation.” His brother nods; Max continues: “This club is the Situation.”

– Max, a solider with the Canadian Forces and proud guido


“There’s no reason you wouldn’t want to be The Situation. Quote me on that: there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to be The Situation.”

– Colin Hunt, A.K.A the only male who paid $85 plus tax to get a VIP ticket to party with Sitch himself

Stay tuned for the full article in the September 2010 issue of The Watch.


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