ODDS ARE NO ONE on earth has ever said “nigger fag” as candidly as Berend McKenzie. “I’m not one to sugarcoat things,” he says. “If we ban those words, does that mean they don’t exist? And if they don’t exist, what happens to my stories of being called a nigger?”

The answer to that question is nggrfg (say it aloud), McKenzie’s autobiographical one-man show, coming to the Queer Acts Theatre Festival next week at the Bus Stop Theatre. The play is made up of four stories, each examining what it’s like to grow up black and gay in an Albertan community with little tolerance for either.

“I get the big buff jock kid that comes up with tears in his eyes, that can’t really look me in the eyes, and doesn’t really want to say thank you, but finds himself saying, ‘Thanks man, thanks for the show. Thank you.'”

What’s that? More story? Why yes. Yes there is. Read it at The Coast.

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