OF THE 15 ROLLER-SKATERS circling the Olympic Community Centre, almost every one has fallen down at least once. The guy in racquetball goggles and a red tie-dye tank top might be the most adventurous, but the newly formd Halifax Roller Derby Girls are clearly the most skilled; there’s a white-and-blue afro wig, a heavy-set gentleman with a thick white beard and a dead-ringer for Breakfast Club bad boy Judd Nelson. Watching from the sidelines is writer-director Andrew Bush, looking awfully tired, but still able to notice how much fun these skaters are having. “They should just open this up every Sunday,” he says. But he corrects himself: “Actually, we’re shooting next… Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“The roller derby is definitely on its way back,” Doug prophesizes. “Maybe this will do its part in bringing some roller-skating back.”

Check it out, as usual, at The Coast.

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