LAST SATURDAY, at about 7:30 p.m., Fire Chief Frank Collier had just left the Fireman’s Ball in St. Alban’s, Nfld., when he received a call. The coast guard was on the line: An emergency beacon was going off. The signal was reaching every airplane pilot and ship captain in the area and people were starting to worry. But no one knew where it was, who it belonged to, or what the problem was. So Chief Collier and his small crew of firefighters set off to find its source.

St. Alban's

“And I’m lookin’ for it, and we couldn’t find it there. And a guy that lives in the building, well, he made a few phone calls, and figured out that, possibly, during a cleanup, that somebody threw it out. So we went to the garbage dump.”

Check out the full Q&A with Chief Collier, which appeared on the front page of the National Post for some reason. I wrote a bunch of other stuff at the Post that week, too; none of it nearly as fun. I’ll continue to post the slightly more interesting stories I get in there.

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