VICKY THE TRAIN was brought overseas from Britain’s National Railway Museum last week for Toronto’s production of The Railway Children, an acclaimed, family-friendly piece of contemporary British theatre. The Post’s Michael Fraiman went to see the $5-million, 118-year-old train unveiled in downtown Toronto Thursday morning.

Vicky, emerging from the smoke

“10:41 – Vicky begins to make her move: her engine sounds first, then her lights cut through the smoke. Slowly, she emerges. The production quality is unlike anything I’ve seen, if only because I’ve never seen an antique train emerge from a fog at 5 km/h before.”

I’m amazed that the Post put me on this assignment. It was remarkably fun, and I’m grateful that I could do it, but the creative license for what shows up on a national paper’s website is just astounding. Is this newsworthy? If the answer is indeed “yes”, then I feel a lot better about my future.

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