ON FRIDAY MORNING, former Price is Right host Bob Barker led a press conference detailing why cold-climate Toronto should give up its zoo’s three elephants, move them by truck to California and pay $15-million for an immersive, digitally interactive elephant exhibit in its stead. The Post’s Michael Fraiman went to the conference to hear them out.

Mr. Barker mentions the proposal for a new, $15-million exhibit, with several-dozen-metre-tall screens and a rumbling floor and surround-sound stereo elephant noises. “It would truly be educational,” Mr. Barker explains. “Unlike going and watching some elephant standing there, watching it bob its head, bob its head, sway back and forth because it’s so  whacked out from being under such mental strain for so long.” He’s right, of course. If I wanted to see that, I could walk down Yonge Street.

I am grateful that the Post continues to give me these bizarre and largely sarcastic mornings out of the office.

In related news, I’ve started doing a bit of blogging for the Financial Post Tech Desk. Solid crew of writers at that Tech Desk, and worth following if you care at all about tech news with a Canadian slant.

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