Ten Bands to See at the Jisan Valley Music Festival (That Aren’t Radiohead or the Stone Roses)

YEAH YEAH YEAH, so Radiohead and the Stones Roses are gonna be at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival this weekend, and that’s probably why you bought the ticket at all, since anybody who had any taste in music circa 1997 knows that OK Computer was, if determined purely by democratic consensus, one of the best albums of the decade; and that said album wouldn’t exist in the first place if not for the Roses, whose combination of Joy Division post-punk noise and British alt-pop rhythms helped define music as we know it.

That’s obvious, though. Who else is gonna be there? It’s a long weekend, folks, filled mostly with Korean ballad artists and a few mid-sized names from the Western world. If you’re looking for how to pass the time between Thom Yorke on Friday night and Ian Brown on Sunday, here are some acts to look for.


A quick return to music journalism and a easily-digestible top 10 list for a Korean music festival weekend. Heading out tomorrow; will report back with… something.

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