The Beef Behind Ribs

Investigative cover feature for GlobeTO in the Globe and Mail on July 31, 2015. The St. Thomas Ribfest looks, smells and sounds like any other ribfest. Sunscreened families line up, sometimes for close to an hour, to pay $23 for a full rack of pork ribs or $13 for a half. There are lemonade stands, funnel…

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Standing Up for Charlie Hebdo

Reporting for the The Walrus, January 8, 2015. Shivering from the bitterly cold temperature, Florian Aucoin raises his left hand to his mouth, amplifying his voice: “Charlie!” he yells into a crowd in downtown Toronto. No one replies. Immediately, again: “Charlie!” A pause. One more time: “Charlie!” It is a summons without a response. He wants people…

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Peru’s Pitchfork Politics

Political analysis for Foreign Affairs, November 2, 2015.  On September 15, the people of Andas, a small community in the mountains of central Peru, caught two men suspected of fatally shooting a local 57-year-old father of six. Since the nearest police station was two hours away, the mob took justice into their own hands: they…

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No Shushing, Please

Arts feature for Maclean’s, September 24, 2015. At the end of this month, Calgary will break ground on a $245-million, 240,000-sq-ft. library in the East Village, a former industrial neighbourhood being groomed for revitalization. It’s the city’s most expensive, largest-scale undertaking in decades: Its glassy blue-grey facade, resembling a canoe-cum-spaceship, careens over a curving light-rail track, luring in…

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Korea’s Holy Trinity

Eight-page travel feature for Action Asia Magazine, March-April 2014. [PDF.] It’s a little-appreciated fact that roughly 70 percent of South Korea’s surface area is mountains. Dotted with temples, they are the setting for ancient tales of mountain spirits, known as san shin (san is Korean for mountain), a critical component of Korean folklore, even today. The result is a…

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The Bus Stop’s Here

Cover story for The Coast, August 26, 2010. [PDF.] The Bus Stop Theatre doesn’t look like much. Ask for a tour, and managing director Clare Waqué will show you the small but newly renovated lobby; the short but newly painted black box stage; the cumbersome 70-year-old safes in the back room, remnants from the venue’s former pharmacy…

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