AS I TURN on my recorder, Scott Saunders leans in to ask, “So, uh…This isn’t gonna be coming across as anti-government, eh?”

It’s a fair question. Saunders has been “battling,” as he puts it, with the Halifax Regional Municipality for just under a year over his desire to curate an immersive art show in the Public Gardens. “I’ve always had a fascination with that space at night,” he explains. “There’s something very Jurassic about it for me. Mysterious, creepy. Elemental. I had visions of creatures existing in that space at night, this bizarro space.”

“I’m trying to pull something off that means a lot to me. And I’m showing myself and others what I can do. Is that a bad thing? Fuck no. Y’know? I could give a shit about what anybody thinks of that.”

You see the tags. Check it at The Coast.

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